We do the following work.
Wireless LAN surveys / NW equipment procurement / cabling / network construction

SURVEY Wireless LAN surveys

We visualize wireless LAN
radio waves.

Wireless LANs are used in various places.
However, it is impossible to know the status of invisible radio waves without using the proper tools.
We use specialized survey tools to visualize the state of wireless LANs, and to design, improve, and troubleshoot wireless LAN infrastructures.
We can also create reports of survey results and check the details.

Survey Tools

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Ekahau Pro + Ekahau Sidekick  report samples
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AirMagnet Survey PRO  report samples

Network Surveys at Three Different Timings


Pre-installation Radio Wave Survey

Before installing and implementing wireless LAN equipment, we confirm the current radio wave status, and investigate what conditions will be best for comfortable use.


Provisional Installation Radio Wave Survey

We provisionally set up the access points which will be installed later to confirm the radio wave range and usage. Since our measurement is based on the access points that will actually be used, we are able to achieve highly accurate designs.
When customers want wireless LANs to be implemented, we check and confirm how many access points are required and where they should be positioned.


Post-installation Radio Wave Survey

In cases where user satisfaction get significantly lower due to frequent network trouble after wireless LAN equipment installation, we check the usage of channels based on site surveys and change the channel configurations to avoid radio wave interference.

SUPPLY Equipment Procurement

We select optimal wireless LAN equipment, and quantities thereof, based on wireless LAN surveys.


We perform network wiring for installing wireless LAN equipment.

NETWORK Network Construction

We construct and configure networks that include routers and switches.
We also construct infrastructure environments that include server construction (file servers, DB servers, etc.).