SPEECH Greeting from the Chief Executive Officer

We at ASE-Net perform all types of information and communication-related work to meet the needs of customers not only in metropolitan areas but throughout Japan, including overseas companies as well.

The “ASE” in “ASE-Net” is an abbreviation of “Almighty Support Engineer.”
This represents our desire to work in a wide range of fields, a desire that remains unchanged to this day, 20 years after the company was founded.
Today, we are engaged not only in construction, but in businesses like design, on-site support, and network set-up as well.

Furthermore, we will continue to do our work with a stronger emphasis on customers’ feelings than on price.
This is because, to us, it is a given that “connecting” with our customers is fundamental to our business.

Though a given internally, we believe it is also important to be as considerate as possible to other parties, such as partners, customers at all levels, and project participants, and be sincere, rather than think only of profits and losses, so we can work with them comfortably.
We believe that doing this helps us develop better “connections.”

For the last few years, we have focused on employee training. In my day, the basic approach was “Watch and Learn!,” but this doesn’t work.
We provide learning venues for our employees by having them participate in group-sponsored seminars and by getting various manufacturers to hold training sessions for them.
This is because we believe that the growth of our employees is “connected” to the growth of the company.

As always, our goal is to achieve sustained growth through careful attention to each site and by working with sincerity and pride to build a track record of uncompromising work.

Katsuji Furuichi, Chief Executive Officer Katsuji Furuichi, Chief Executive Officer image photo