Let’s Start
by Getting Connected

Almighty Support Engineer


Telecommunications business special construction license obtained

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus

We deploy hardware that enables wireless display.
Windows, MAC, and smartphone screens
can be displayed without special software.

ScreenBeam 1100 Plus

Large Team of Manufacturer-certified
Construction Engineers

ASE-Net, a contractor certified by cable-related manufacturers like
CommScope, Panduit, Siemon, and Corning,
employs technicians who are also qualified as certified contractors
and who have learned and obtained the right skills.


English Support by Bilingual Engineers

We provide construction and maintenance services to a large number
of foreign companies in the data center, IT, financial, and other industries.
We employ a large number of Japanese staff who have studied abroad
and foreign engineers who have obtained work visas,
which enables us to provide bilingual support.


24/365 On-call Support System

We can support requests for remote and smart hand services,
troubleshooting, BCP during disasters, etc.from overseas day
or night regardless of time zone.
Given today’s environment,
we believe it is essential to be prepared to provide 24/365 services.

Our Business




ASE-Net provides a wide variety of services,
including everything from network infrastructure construction to maintenance, operation, and IT equipment sales.

We believe that providing courteous service from the customer’s perspective
is the most important thing and always do our best to faithfully support any project,
from small desk-side projects to large-scale data center projects,
based on our motto of quick, stress-free decision making, and proposals that are optimally customized to customers’ needs.


  • Telecommunications business special construction license obtained

  • We have begun offering Miracast-enabled products by the US company ScreenBeam.

  • Moved West Japan Office to bakuro-cho Chuo-ku Osaka-shi

  • Acquired the License for General Worker Dispatching Undertakings and License of Charged Employment Placement Services

  • Increased capital to 30 million Yen