Message from Representative Director

introduction of ASE-Net Co., Ltd.

Message from Representative Director
Corporate Philosophy

Located in Tokyo, Japan, ASE-Net specializes in all kinds of SCS work, security work, and electrical work nationwide to fulfill foreign customers' requests.

ASE is an abbreviation for "Almighty Support Engineers."
We put our desire to undertake new challenges in various fields into this name.
First of all, electrical work is always required for any kind of building; It is an important job which covers all processes from the initial stage of construction to final maintenance after completion. It requires various skills involved with wiring technology.
Especially recently, with the spread of the Internet, wiring work, maintenance and security measures of LAN cables in telecommunications have become essential.

ASE-Net mobilizes experts to meet all the customers' needs and provide the optimal support to them.
Also, not only focusing on prices, we will also continuously commit ourselves to value our customers' voices while working for them by leveraging our long experience and reliable skills.
We consider human relationships are fundamental to business.

In order to work amicably with society as well as our customers and partners, we believe that a good relationship will develop by considering others, not focusing on monetary profit only, and showing our good faith.
We take pride in our sincerity and craftsmanship to protect city lighting in the future and will uncompromisingly do our business. All of the staff will sincerely work at each job site and realize higher quality work. We look forward to your guidance and support, and appreciate your patronage of many years.

Representative Director Katsuji Furuichi